Bơm chân không Busch R 5 RA 0250 D

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The Busch R5 250 D vacuum pump is an extremely reliable vacuum pump made from high quality materials. Busch are world renown for their vacuum pumps.

The 250 vacuum pump is designed for continuous operation in the industry and has been used successfully for many years in many different applications.

Built from high quality materials and computerised manufacturing processes ensure high standards of quality in the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is directly driven by the standard motor and the inlet flange is fitted as standard with a check valve to prevent air admittance into the chamber when the vacuum pump is turned off.

The vacuum pump is designed to aid servicing with easy access to the relevant areas.

Mô tả

Operationally reliable and cost-effective
The rotary vane technology has been continuously developed and optimised by Busch for 50 years, with constant focus on both economy and reliability of operation. High efficiency and energy-efficient drive units are the positive results of this development.

The R 5 vacuum pumps are distinguished by high pumping speed even in low pressure ranges and therefore quick evacuation times. The heavy-duty vanes guarantee long operating times. This series has been specially developed for applications with varying operating vacuums and can be reliably used both in continuous operation at ultimate pressure and also in low vacuum ranges.
The optimised internal oil separation guarantees clean exhaust air in all operating conditions.

Maintenance can easily be carried out by the operator. Apart from the change of oil and filters at regular service intervals, no further maintenance is necessary.

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 190 kg
Kích thước 1000 × 581 × 410 mm
Công suất máy bơm

250 m³/h

Áp suất tối đa

0.1 hPa (mbar)

Công suất động cơ

5.5 kW

Tốc độ vòng quay

1500 min-1

Độ ồn (ISO 2151)

72 dB(A)

Dung tích chứa dầu

6.5 Litre

Cổ hút (đầu vào/đầu ra)

G 2” / G 2”