Old Rivers FVB-U9II-500

Belt Type Vacuum Gas Packaging Machine FVB-U9II-500

  • Suitable for high vacuum packaging for a wide variety of products such as solids or paste or liquid containing products.
  • Conveyor belt can be adjustable up to 26 degrees, depending on the product nature.
  • Advanced touch panel can be memorized max. 10 product data.
  • Impulse seal ensures reliable seal.

Mô tả

Main Features

  • The control box is set on the upper part. Microcomputer control and a high-definition panel are adopted, and data (each time of vacuum, seal and seal cooling) can be set for a maximum 10 items, in support of flexible production.
  • The seal bar with water-cooling type is adopted, and the impulse seal system is also adopted.
  • The sealing wire can be replaced by turning the vacuum chamber reversely.
  • The antibacterial belt is used.
  • The control box and upper/lower frames are made of stainless steel.
  • Since a machine angle can be changed, the machine is also suitable for packaging of liquid products. (Stepped to 5 within 0°-24°.)


  • Pickles, fresh and processed meats, frozen foods, industrial product etc.

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 610 kg
Kích thước 1670 × 1811 × 1241 mm
Chamber dimensions

1, 200 x 490 x 80 mm

Chiều dài thanh dán

1 x 1090 mm

Chiều cao sản phẩm

80 mm

Max. Bag Length

435 mm

Công suất máy bơm

160 m³/h

Thời gian hút / chu kỳ

15-30 sec

Điện áp tiêu chuẩn

3-phase, AC 200-240V, 50/60Hz

Điện năng tiệu thụ

9.0 kw

Đánh giá

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